Just when after cleaning my whole home I was trying to feel that now my family is safe I slipped from my stairs and hurt myself badly and my head was spinning. It was during this moment of a state of half-consciousness  I felt I may not die of the virus but may be of something else so what am I doing? I can’t be a doctor and treat this disease but I can follow the instructions and I am doing my best plus I can’t make the medicine but I can stay home. And I have done my part so why am I allowing my life to be stopped. Why am I losing my balance? 

This is it I am done playing the fear I don’t know I am going to die after twenty years or twenty days but I am not dying before death. Hence I take a vow to live every single moment even when my brain is not listening to me. I will drag it like a child back to my dreams and finish it. If I have to die I will die trying not fearing. So I promise no matter how exhausted I am I will follow every single instruction given by the medical department for my family and myself and as a writer, I will write until my last breath. I will write poetry until my fingers melt and my brain calls for final shut down. I am sharing this with you because we all are on the same page right now. It took me a pandemic to live life to the fullest. It convinced me to believe in myself, and go for my dreams even if it’s for a month. 

Please if you are reading this go make that YouTube channel, write that book, go get started with that project because this time is never coming back. This is the time to make it happen and I am telling you the truth while I am writing this I am feeling this human determination will make the pandemic bow down to humanity.

 Trust me if this pandemic was not able to make you start and forget caring about what would they say I don’t know what will.

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Her Self

Opening the blinds.

Her ‘Self’ is a collection of poetry about the female spirit that raises her voice to say no. It’s about when a woman stops waiting for someone to save her but becomes her own saviour. It’s about her choice to express her suppressed self. Her ‘self’ throws light on the transition of a girl going through brutal judgments, pain, mental abuse, loss and identity crisis to a confident woman who knows to take control and also knows to control herself.

Why you fail continuously? Mental Peace.

Why you fail continuously? Mental Peace.

24August, 2020Opening the blinds.You fail and you continue to fail terribly. Pressure keeps increasing. It all starts with a normal headache to a mental breakdown and keeps getting worse but WHY? Why? What have you done to deserve this? You are trying your level best...

Self-talk to boost the tired self. Never give up.

Self-talk to boost the tired self. Never give up.

3 August, 2020Opening the blinds.You didn’t give up. You were just tired. Tired of waiting. One season that never ends. But you know every season has a timeline. So no matter how annoying and hopeless it sounds right now the truth is it shall pass too. But when? When?...