Hi, I am Nisha from North India. I am a Poet, a Playwright, and a freelance creative writer.

Living in the mountains life has been a bumpy ride with few causalities that leads me to write.

Well, being a Graduate in English Honours, Psychology and Hindi and with a degree in B.Ed. I was
supposed to be a teacher but after finishing my M.Phil. my love for literature took me to the road of
Poetry and Play writing. Though I was writing poems since the age of ten but never shared them until
I realized this is my pursuit of happiness and the only way to express what was once suppressed.
We all go through the pangs of expressing ourselves but the pressure to be or not to be is so much
that we end up being lost in the sea of being practical and realistic. We keep drifting away from
ourselves until we actually hit the rock to realize that it’s now or never.

I realized the power of now when my friend was diagnosed with cancer. I was shaken but she was
not and she chose to fight and knock it down. When I saw her reports the first thing that came to my
mind was if I am told that I am dying tomorrow, I didn’t even live today. This happens a lot of times
and you might relate to this one, we often quit things we value and we love because we are scared
of being rejected and being left out. This is followed by a whole series of questions and doubts like
what if I fail, what if it didn’t work and the most interesting one is what would people say. The reality
is death is inevitable and if I am dying tomorrow I deserve to live today even if people make fun of
me, bully me or tries to break me down. Hence, I decided to live my life the fullest. Did it occur to
you that if you die tomorrow then are you living today or you are busy fearing what would they say?
Of course, pursuing is not an easy thing especially when you are receiving failure one after another
but there will always be something that will help you to crawl when you can’t walk. During M.Phil. I
was researching on Malala Yousafzai’s, Nobel Prize Laureate who was shot for asking her right for
education, autobiography or memoir I Am Malala I figured out what is there to lose a life that is
forced upon you at the cost of the life you are dying to live for so it’s worth taking the risk. Malala
did not give up and pursued her beliefs despite life threats and later she went to Oxford. So why do
you want to quit and at the cost of what? THINK. Life happens only once so live it once and for all.
So even if someone is trying to bring you down you get back and get it done.


ā€œLife is once so live it once and for all.ā€


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