Hi, I am Nisha from North India. I am a poet, a playwright, and an English Literature virtual research assistant plus a blogger and a you-tuber.

Living in the mountains with a curious mind life has been a bumpy ride with few causalities that leads me to write”.

Being a Graduate in English Honours, Psychology and Hindi and with a degree in B.Ed. I was
supposed to be a teacher but after finishing my M.Phil. in English my love for literature took me to the road of writing. Though I was writing poems since the age of ten but never shared them until
I realized this is my pursuit of happiness and the only way to express what was once suppressed.
We all go through the pangs of expressing ourselves but the pressure to be or not to be is so much
that we end up being lost in the sea of being practical and realistic. We keep drifting away from
ourselves until we actually hit the rock to realize that it’s now or never.

I realized the power of now when i lost my friend to cancer. That moment i realized being scarred is silly, quitting just because bunch of people are making fun of you or disapproving you is such a waste. Well, the point is you know when you landed on this planet but you don’t know anything about taking off. It can happen after twenty years or twenty days or who knows you will not see tomorrows morning and if so then you better live tonight as you never lived before. This is not depressing but we all know death is inevitable so go write if you want to, go tell that person you love him/her, thank you or you are sorry. Go try that dress, that crazy haircut and don’t worry about bullies they are doing what they are best at. You go do the thing you are dying to create or accomplish because¬†¬†life is once so live it once and for all.



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