Hi, I’m Nisha

I’m a poet, scriptwriter and a mindfulness lifestyle blogger.

“Living in the mountains with a curious mind life has been a bumpy ride with few casualties that leads me to write”

My Story


Being a Graduate in English Hon’s, Psychology and Hindi and with a degree in B.Ed. I was supposed to be an English Teacher but after finishing M.Phil. in English, my love for literature led me to the road of writing. I have been writing poetry ever since I was a little girl but never shared it with anyone.

But when I started sharing trust me the road was not an easy one. My decision raised eyebrows as writing is still seen as a hobby, not a living.

And just when I was about to give up I witnessed the journey of a woman of my age-fighting cancer who was full of life and hope until her last breath. This moment was a game-changer.

Now the question is not what they say but what I choose to do before I die. As I may be young today but is there any guarantee that death will come to me only when I get old. No there isn’t any especially in this time of uncertainty.

I cannot change my past and future is not in my control but the present is. So, I will write my heart, speak my mind, and will serve my soul.

Hence, I am here 2020 trying to take life from madness to mindfulness because life is once and I want to live it once and for all.       

Opening the blinds.


Life from madness to mindfulness.