Hi, I am Nisha.

Living in the mountains with a curious mind life has been a bumpy ride with few causalities that leads me to write

Being a Graduate in English Honours, Psychology and Hindi and with a degree in B.Ed. I was supposed to be an English Teacher but after finishing M.Phil. in English, my love for literature led me to the road of writing. I have been writing poetry since I was a little girl but never shared it with anyone. Well, the thing is I was terribly bad at maths, so my focus was on this one subject. Moreover, when I started failing in maths, I was so full of shame that I hide my poems from everyone including my family. You know back in those days’ maths used to be such a huge deal, and if you are not able to keep up with it your school turned in to a nightmare. Hence, I stopped writing, but strangely, my mind didn’t. Although I didn’t record many of my poems my brain started thinking in poetry. Sometimes I was speaking in poetry without even realising it.

It happened once. Once it did.

And as it did, I observed it only to absorb it.

My brain refused to give up poetry and I resisted to write. But even when I acknowledged and announced it to everyone it did raise eyebrows because writing is a hobby not, a living. This is what everybody said but one day when I saw a woman of my age-fighting cancer until her last breath it just changed everything. Now the question was not what they say but what I chose to do before I die. As I may be young today but is there any guarantee that I am only going to die when I am 90. No there isn’t any especially when we are living in such times of uncertainty. I cannot change my past and future is not in my control but the present is so I will write and speak my mind, live my heart and serve my soul.

Hence, I am here 2020 taking madness to mindfulness because life is once and I want to live it once and for all.       





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Find the reason to not to give up. We all have those days when we want to quit on the things that matter most. Something that you are building for a while but it’s not working. You are tired and stuck and you are about to give up. I can tell you those moments are not just painful but a threat to your mental health and coming life. I am saying this with experience. It freaks me out when I think about what if I would have quit on my projects, my dreams and things I stand for. The real thing here to consider before you quit is we spend a huge amount of our life with people we love or we don’t like but the most time we spend with is ourselves. If they trouble or upset you all the time you can still have a break of at least 5 minutes from them but you can never have a break from yourself. So it is all about the choice to finish what you started whether or not someone accepts you or live with your frustrated and angry self for the rest of your life.

The blog is about a journey from madness to mindfulness. Let’s help each other when I am weak you encourage me when you fall apart I will try to pull you together.

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