How many times have you cried for a whole night thinking and hoping things will get better the next morning?

How many times did you feel it’s over and you came so far for nothing and It’s time for you to quit?

How many times you tried and tried again but failed and you thought of running away?

How many times you were betrayed, left alone and heartbroken in the midst of nowhere and you desperately wished to die to disappear?

But you didn’t.

You didn’t die, you didn’t quit. Instead, you dragged yourself out of the bed every day and tried everything possible to make it work.

Life knocked you down at every step, but you crawled back. Every failed project, every failed relationship, and all those naysayers tried their level best to crush your soul, but your soul didn’t even let your own weaknesses come in your way and every single time somehow you managed to finish what you started. In the end, even you were amazed by your own strengths and consistency. You noticed your hair turning grey, your back was yelling no more but you didn’t stop and today when you are in your 30s or 40s or more you hide your age why what for? Your age is an evidence that you are alive and that you managed to survive all those storms that were meant to defeat you, or maybe kill you.

Your wrinkles are not your scars they are your medals. You have won so many battles, you were backstabbed, and you were judged right from your outfits to your beliefs. You were looked down upon, taken for granted, your loved ones were targeted but you didn’t give up. You were like a rock with few cracks who did everything to protect her people, and things she stood for.

So don’t hide, don’t think aging is some kind of disadvantage or loss because it’s not, it is a record of your victories so celebrate it, be proud of it and let people know your history let them be inspired. Leave a legacy.