Sep, 2020

Opening the blinds.

Feeling a constant pressure, living in fear, losing emotional balance and stressing about this or that has become a lifestyle.

Stress swallows your entire day leaving you miserable and helpless. It all starts with one thought or event or person and soon your mind starts obsessing about the situation and now you imagine yourself in the worst kind of scenarios.


  • Your mind starts beating like a broken record and you lose control and the track of time.
  • You can’t focus no matter how hard you try your mind keeps going back to the same thoughts.
  • You fear its never going to end. You will never rise above it until you are dead.
  • You are not able to sleep and even if you can in the middle of the night when you wake up to take a sip of water guess what stress is back. It just doesn’t give you a break.

Stress, anxiety and fear are a result of memorised emotions. Emotions that we practice, talk about or share on daily basis. So, if you try to cut the cord with this one it’s going to take a little bit of strategy, time and constant practice. Otherwise, stress will chase you for the rest of your life.

The only way to get rid of stress is to clear your mind.

When your mind is full of what he said or she did, I am doomed, I will never get out of ruts, this is my destiny, I must have done something wrong in my past lives, why me? Why me? Why me?

There is no room for new thoughts so you keep running on a treadmill but you don’t reach anywhere hence you have to get out of your house and run to reach somewhere.

Leave the thoughts driving you insane, change the record playing in your head.




  1. Clear your surroundings:


How can surroundings affect the clutter in my mind?

Well, if you want to adopt new habits, make some changes in your inner world then you have to start with your physical world.

So, clear your house, your room, drawers, and your closet. Clean it, put the books nicely on shelves, clear your desk, and get rid of dresses and makeup you don’t use anymore and fix what is broken.

Just try it. You will find your house, not only tidy but spacious. You will feel organised and it will motivate you to organise your life. The mind hates clutter. Too much stuff outside or inside confuses it and as a result, it leads to anger, uneasiness and frustration. But it loves clarity and organisation. If you keep the physical part organised it encourages the mind to organise its thoughts and become goal-oriented resulting in completion of tasks which eliminates stress.


  1. Clear your media platform:


Social media was supposed to be the platform for communication and expression but unfortunately, it has become a resource of confusion and misinformation.

You see you don’t need to know everything. Too much information can lead to distraction, confusion, unnecessary comparison making you feel how incomplete your life is.

So, stop following and browsing things that you don’t resonate with you. Things, people, and content that doesn’t inspire you or is spreading a shady lifestyle that has nothing to do with the growth you are looking for stop checking it on the internet.

As far as Netflix is concerned if a show gets into your head and if it disturbs the peace of your mind be courageous to stop watching it. There is enough drama going on in your life you don’t need more.

In addition to this, visual Learning is the most powerful learning whatever you watch it leaves a deep impact on your personality and sometimes you not only want to look like your favourite characters but also behave like them. Just make sure you become the best version of yourself not the flawed version of somebody else.


  1. Use distraction and excuses in your favour:

Identify the resources of your stress. Is it a thought or people? If its a thought then the moment it pops up distract yourself immediately. Go have tea, listen to your favourite music, check that beautiful dress online or talk to your favourite person but not about the thing bothering but about what are doing, eating, whatever, Avoid talking stress because if you talk about it, it will expand.

And if it is a person use the art of making excuses. Try to avoid having a detailed conversation with this person. Don’t be rude but keep it short, simple and straight like hi it’s a nice day and before he/she starts to enter your brain just say I have a meeting I have to go but you have a wonderful day, take care. Never ask them how are you or how was your day because then they will show you the whole movie. Tell them you are in rush; you have an assignment and try to escape. Don’t be guilty you are only defending your boundaries.

  1. Do Exercise

Stress eventually gives birth to chronic physical and mental health issues. It can vary from chronic headache to migraine. So, before your worries result in some health issues start paying attention to your body. Start working out. Do yoga or go to the gym or do a few basic exercises to keep your body energetic and active and protect it from losing immunity.

You will resist in the beginning but as we are living in the middle of the pandemic, I assume you are aware of the importance of immunity and exercise.

Just try it for four days consistently and the fifth day believe me you will like it and soon it will become an important part of your life that you will love.

Yup, I tried it and it worked.

  1. Mindfulness:

Live in the present. Past and future are not here in your current reality so don’t kill your now worrying about your past or what you don’t even know will ever happen or not. Not everything is supposed to be monitored. You will be fine as things are designed to be fine so don’t punish yourself. You cannot make everyone happy and if they have decided to be miserable and don’t want to get out of ruts. It’s not your fault. You tried to fix and now you have to let it go.

Put efforts in present and don’t worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will take care of itself.


  1. Meditation:

If your mind is full of thoughts and head is foggy because you didn’t finish above given step this task will not be completed.

So, clear your mind to eliminate stress by clearing your surroundings, media platforms, using distraction in your favour, workout, be mindful and finally try meditation.

This is the last and the crucial one now that you have decluttered your mind you have created a space in your mind worthier for bigger things.

Now you have created space for concentration to focus on something supreme than you. This focus will transform you into a person who is not only stress-free but is still.

Now you will have the power of stillness, the power for which every soul is craving for.

And because you are still here on my blog, I will give you a bonus point:

  1. Create monthly goals:

Don’t be like I will start today, tomorrow, morning or evening. Be very specific with what habit you are aiming for. Make monthly goals for instance this month I will work on confidence next month I will work on my focus. One habit at a time. Treat your habits as your other projects of life.

Divide them further set a target like I will train my mind to reduce browsing the internet or watching Netflix. Today I have done ten sets of this exercise and tomorrow I will do ten extra sets. Set goals and keep track of them.

Why monthly? Because sometimes weekly goals get too hectic to finish and when you are multitasking you might get exhausted and quit. Hence, the monthly schedule gives you enough time and space to accomplish.

Now without any further delays clear your surroundings, media platforms, use excuse wisely, do exercise, be mindful, meditate and make monthly goals to eliminate stress.





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