Nov, 2020

Opening the blinds.

Stress, anxiety, insecurities, depression, argument, worry, sleep problems, esteem issues, skin conditions, overthinking, anger, and fear has become life.

But is it?

  • Didn’t you study hard for a better life?
  • Didn’t try to be your best self to have a loving relationship?
  • Didn’t you make money to secure your family’s future?

So why are you unhappy despite what you achieved so far?

Earlier you were worried for not having a partner, a job and life that matches your wish list but now that you have it you are still worried.


Have you been through the moments where you are at the most peaceful place and you can feel the breeze, no one is there to bother you and the view is extremely beautiful but all you can feel is sadness, loneliness and how heartbroken you are?


Why is that?

The answer is you have attached your happiness with everything in and around your life.

How am I so confident about my answer because I attached my happiness with everything around me whether that’s loved ones, opinions or ambition and I was miserable. Yes, I am admitting it.


If your happiness depends upon what is happening outside of you, you are a slave to the external situation’.



We all have been guilty of this because we all bought into the idea of happiness is when you have a family, economic and emotional stability but we forgot that stability is not a capability to control the external situation.


Well, the thing is when we attach ourselves with someone so much that they become our whole world so when they are happy we are happy and when they are unhappy we are miserable. There is a constant pressure what happened, when happened, how it happened and how can I undo it? The truth is you cannot.

If It’s your fault you can try your level best to rectify it and it’s up to them to forgive and forget and I hate to say this but the fact is you have no say in this. All you can do is accept their decision with all respect. Now it depends on you how long you take to accept this.

But there are times when you are not at fault on the contrary you are right. And now it’s their turn to accept the truth and who you are and what you stand for. You cannot control their emotions and reactions as you are not responsible for their conduct and their choices.

There is no point of worrying and going insane wondering will they forgive you. Will they ever change? Will this ever work?

If your life depends on somebody’s forgiveness, acceptance, arrival, acknowledgement, criticism. If you are waiting for someone to love you, for a better job or money and position to give you that inner happiness you will probably wait for the rest of your life.

There is no escape what is it is and motivation may come a hard way.

So pinch yourself or if required punch yourself and do what needs to be done because you are only one step away from the happiness you are craving for.


  • If you want a happy life then stop cursing the present one. You feel miserable because you have given a visa to your mind to too many people without any rules. So decide the rules and let the other person know. Yes, this is the only option. It may get awkward but to protect the peace of your mind you got to do this.


  • Second stop waiting for someone to tell you how unique you are. Figure out your uniqueness and make it work for you.


  • Don’t let criticism hit you and don’t allow appreciation to get into your head. As both are equally capable to screw you.


  • Don’t worry about the followers you don’t have and value the readers you currently have.


  • Don’t waste energy on trying to learn what’s trending, focus and polish the skills you already have.


  • Don’t wait to feel special or to be loved. Keep moving and value yourself even when no one does and let things unfold to you. Understand the fact that what is meant for will be given to you. You will receive it so keep going because if you don’t then you might miss what is designed only for you. And I said miss but didn’t say it will be stolen or taken away or will be given to someone else.


  • Don’t wait for the promotion to serve happiness to your soul. Don’t compromise with the current position but make peace with it and work with all your heart for the one you are aiming for.


  • Most importantly don’t allow your reactions to be determined by somebody else behaviour. Which is going to take a lot of practice but one day at a time.


  • You studied hard, worked overtime for the life you have today don’t let it go waste because of the discontentment your higher self is experiencing right now. Find out the root cause of the behaviour and accept it to improve it so that your higher self can receive the happiness and your material self regains its balance.


We are normal humans beings and we can’t be saints but we can learn a lot from them. We can’t satisfy ourselves with what we have and be happy but definitely, we can choose a middle way to find inner happiness without getting bothered by outside happenings.

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