May, 2020

Poetry Lenses

Opening the blinds.

Today is a big day. I am opening the blinds for my soul so that I can see clearly and feel life inside and outside. I am detaching myself from opinions and judgements. I no more want to drag memorise from past to hold them responsible for my present and blame them for a distorted future.

Today I own it. I am taking full responsibility for my life. I want to bring my dreams into reality and today I untie myself with my memories and take things under my control for the life I have envisioned.


Simply by understanding, accepting and practising four basic truths.

  1. My attention is my choice:

Attention is a matter of choice. It’s up to me where I allow it to go. Nothing in this universe can take my attention without my consent whether it’s a bad experience or an embarrassed one. From now onwards I will treat my attention as my currency and will invest it carefully. Every time I have to pay attention to something I will question myself is it necessary and valuable.

Every time a person demands my attention I will expect them to earn it and will never shower it on them if they are going to waste it. I have one life and thanks to the outbreak of Covid19 I have no idea how much I am left with so I don’t want to waste even a single second on a thing or a person that’s not going to use it productively. If it sounds selfish well the reply is my life belongs to me and my loved ones and instead of spending it with them why would I waste it on someone who doesn’t even value it? So, I vow to spend it wisely.

I will pay attention only and only to the things that will help me to grow as a better human and will bring happiness and peace to my family. Whenever I will fail to practice it I will read this blog again and again until my mindset comes back to empowerment and practice mindfulness for the rest of my life.

      2.  The present moment is the only reality.

Next, I vow to stop living in the past. I am done beating the drum of why me? Why did this happen? Why they tormented? They were bulling, I failed, I am not enough. Yes, I am done. This stops right here. I will not allow my memories to ruin my present.

At this moment those people, those worries, fears are not here. Right now I am safe, at peace and with my best self and I don’t have to memories what they said or meant because I am the best candidate for this situation. Despite all those storms I made it so far and I am still not giving up hence, I am the best and the most successful version of myself.

So I will no more talk about painful past and embarrassing experiences and harass myself but will talk about my accomplishments and will give myself credit for being myself and taking a stand for myself with a hope for a better future. But I will not push my happiness in future.

I have a habit of believing that in future when this or that will happen then I will be happy, satisfied and peaceful with myself. No, I am happy, satisfied and peaceful right now. I am no more letting my freedom be dependent on future days and I am not waiting to be happy in the coming days.

In present lies everything so I am going to do things I love at this given moment. I will take all the necessary steps with whatever sources I have to build the life I want in the present moment. I will feel thankful for what I have and will focus on what I want not on what I don’t want. From now on I will live in present, not in past or future.

Poetry Lenses

“I don’t want to rush into life. I want to live it one day at a time”


3. One day at a time:

I don’t have to worry about the whole year. How am I going to build it? What will I do? When will it happen? How much more time? I will take one day at a time. I will start with one step, one blog every week. A little research, little editing a bit designing and lots of love with a strong intention will help me walk through the year.

I just have to deal one day at a time and I will make it to the whole year and so can you the one reading this. Forts are not built in a day one stone at a time but you have to start right now. You can’t build your dream in a day but one day at a time will for sure make it happen.

4. Stick to the plan:

Now that I have thought about the whole thing with an open mind and have made my decision all I have to do is to stick to the plan. I will not change my direction as I know now with the experience that it doesn’t take me anywhere but I end up circling on the same road and I don’t want to repeat the same mistake.

Sometimes I won’t have a topic, search for it. Sometimes I won’t believe in myself, go back read old blogs and give yourself credit and make a list of your achievements and once I am recharged I will get back to the schedule.

What do you do when you are procrastinating? Do you talk to someone or you to acknowledge your previous achievements like me?

I will remind myself that I have the vision to keep up with. I am not there yet but when I will be I will experience what being a visionary feels like. I will remind myself that I will be a poet loved by people and I have to work for this love and I cannot let my weaknesses stop me plus love doesn’t comes easy way so I have to work no matter what.

5. Be kind towards self:

I will be tough on myself but I won’t be mean. I will never compare my personal or professional growth with others. As I understand life is not a competition but a creation so I will focus on creativity instead of comparison. Everyone has their own pace of learning what comes for them in a day may not come for me but that doesn’t mean it will never come. I have my journey and I have to learn my lessons that will be different from others and I accept it.

I will be kind to my failures and will respect my hard work. I will allow myself a little break and couple of sneak outs but after a couple of them I will give myself double assignments to mend my behaviour but I will also reward myself after finishing my task honestly.

I own it. It starts with taking responsibility for my life and keeping my attention under my control then it leads to making present my priority taking one day at a time and sticking to the plan executing everything as planned but also being kind with myself acknowledging my hard work giving credit to my progressive and successful best version of self.



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