July, 2020

Opening the blinds.

Every morning you have to wake up next to this person. He looks miserable and you are no better either. You have to make breakfast and its definitely not muffins but something nutritious which your kids won’t like. Your home is a mess and your kids are not willing to finish their homework and somehow you drag yourself to work where your boss is not even human and life goes on.

Yes, it still does. You want to take a break but you can’t because your friend is getting married and she wants you to help find her dream and a perfect wedding dress and finally when you find one it’s not available. After babysitting your crying friend for whom unavailability of the dress is the end of the world you rush back home where your kids are waiting for you with lipstick all over their faces blaming each other.

You are angry and want to scream but you manage to act patient. It was a long day but it’s not over yet. Well, the eldest child of the family (husband) is back who cannot keep things on the right place and you cannot stop correcting him. Although, you are aware of the fact that argument won’t help but you argue with him anyways and you don’t forget to mention that kids have not seen their grandparents from last six months and in his defense, he has been extremely busy. Oops, he made a wrong move and now it’s a mess. Rolling in the bed you are thinking why did I marry this absent mind idiot who cannot even remember his own sister’s birthday. What did I do to deserve this? I am like his personal assistant and I am not even paid.

But your daily schedule brings you back on your feet until you receive a call. Your father wants you to come immediately because the mother is sick and her condition is critical. You lose your balance and the absent mind idiot leaves everything in the middle and drives the whole family to your parents and argues with the doctor when he says its not in his hands now.

Love is romantic but only sometimes most of the times it’s mundane.

You won’t go to a candlelight dinner every week. Maybe he will forget the anniversary, you will make a big deal out of everything. He will be annoying and you will be the irritating one. As far as kids are concerned they are meant to get on your nerves. You will probably never get quality time with each other but you will make it as two of you will be there for each other for better and for worse.

Your smile says the rest.



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Why you fail continuously? Mental Peace.

Why you fail continuously? Mental Peace.

24August, 2020Opening the blinds.You fail and you continue to fail terribly. Pressure keeps increasing. It all starts with a normal headache to a mental breakdown and keeps getting worse but WHY? Why? What have you done to deserve this? You are trying your level best...