She is expected to be calm, understanding, nurturing, a good listener, one who brings things together even when inside her the whole Universe is falling apart. She has to patiently endure everything. Everything she has to embrace whether she wants to or not because this is what she is born for. She is expected to be polite, nice and presentable even when she is unwilling to be exhibited. She has to soak it all even when she is dying to drain it out loud.  Every day with her faded self she has to go out smiling, asking everyone how they are feeling.  Without caring and without showing her real, true feelings because if she shows, she knows she will be labelled weak who leaks. As according to people from the shallow land she is a container of patience and endurance and this is what makes her a true woman. 

Woman or a true woman, a container who happens to be human but is not allowed to be one. 

But without shaking she allows everyone to have expectations, she promises to be patient, to give her undivided attention, to provide her services but with few revelations. She reveals expecting won’t help neither making claims will. She says “you want it, EARN IT. Earn love, respect, trust, devotional labor you want me to shower on you. If not then access to my patience is denied”.