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“She couldn’t untie the strings
so she started swinging on them.”
Awaits is a short, intriguing, mysterious romantic drama. It’s a small collection of one act three plays and as a bonus with each play comes one poem to intensify the effect of the romance.
1. Sanity-                    … they keep saying only to give you fake hope. I wish i never believed them… what if they have killed him too…
                                                 …no…no he promised…he will come back. What if history once again repeats itself…
2. You are awake-     Every year Amanda celebrates her marriage as a festival but this year shadows from past are avenging her for something.                                        Will love conquer all?
3. Inside You-            It happened once.
                                  Once it did
                                  and as it did
                                                  …Anne only if you stop calculating my presence and absence you will realize I am looking at you through his eyes…

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