Her Self

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Her ‘Self’ opening the blinds by Nisha Thakur is a collection of poetry. It is about a female spirit that raises her voice to say no. Poems focus on a phase in a woman’s life where she stops waiting for someone to save her but becomes her own saviour.

It’s about her choice to express her suppressed self. Her ‘self’ brings in light the transition of a girl going through brutal judgments, heartbreak, pain, mental abuse, loss, and identity crisis to a confident woman who knows to take control and also knows to control herself.

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She is not weak but deep.
Deep as the sea.
She is a whole world in herself
but eyes fixed on the shore can’t see.

A bite-sized collection of poems for women who don’t scrutinize themselves according to the standards of love, beauty, success, and culture stated by the world but they discover their own unique and power-packed ‘self’ and make their own strong set of beliefs through their endeavours and experiences.

3 reviews for Her Self

  1. Moji Gh

    I just finished reading this book and I should say it was really inspiring. Nothing more than Nisha’s words could boost me in my current situation personally. This book language is so simple to comprehend but deep. I can’t choose between the poems because all of them have lines that are shining and memorable. I highly recommend this book to young girls specially those who are passing shaky phases of their life.

  2. Manisha Chauhan

    It is an amazing work. Poetry is a salvation which gives freedom of expression. There is something about her words. Words have the power to break, build, to decimate or make. Nisha has the power of words.
    Highly recommended.. Great work.

  3. rekha dogra

    Stellar work!! Such an amazing collection of poems. I enjoyed each one of ’em. “Sparkling me”, “Because it feels right”, “Relationship Status” , and of course (Her’Self’) are my favorite ones. “Relationship Status” is sad but ironically funny. There will always be hope, even just a spark, or one candle, it can do many things in the dark. My heart is so joyous to know you as a poet as a writer, born with such a great talent. I am so glad to encourage you with your powerful writing and can’t wait to read your another compilations. Keep inking….Be Blessed!

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I am the fire

I put on, I lose.
I dress up but sometimes
I am not in the mood.
I am interesting
but at times I am boring.
I love, I laugh.
I cry I care.
I think,
I rethink.
I make up my mind.
I change it.
I reflect, I decide.
I try, I fall.
I fall, I rise.
I accept, I reject.
I am silent, not passive.
I stay calm
but I can set everything on fire.
yes, that’s what I am.
But I am water too.
I am serene.
I nourish, I provide.
Provide you with all I have.
But you judge me.
That’s all you do.
You scrutinize
my life, my body,
my beliefs, my character,
my faith and much more.
You destroy what I cherish.
Time after time you demolish
what I love.
That’s why I became fire.
I am the fire.