August, 2020

Opening the blinds.

You didn’t give up.

You were just tired.

Tired of waiting.

One season that never ends.

But you know every season has a timeline.

So no matter how annoying and hopeless it sounds right now the truth is it shall pass too.

But when?


I am not going to lie.

I don’t know when but it’s destined to pass.

You just hang in there.


Because you didn’t come so far to quit?

Don’t throw it away. Please.

Remember the reason you started it for.

Remember how many years it took you to become the person you are today?

Remember how many heartbreaks and how many trails of falling and rising it took you to raise this?

You can’t let it go waste.

I know you are really tired but you invested your life into this.

I know you have lost so much but now you cannot afford to lose yourself.

Don’t forget the price you paid to find yourself.

You knew it from the beginning that you are on your own in this?

You were aware that you are walking on the less travelled road and it is not going to be easy and you will not be accepted.

I get it you are scared.

I know you feel that you are behind but you are not. Your life was on a different path than others. You have been through things they can’t even imagine.

It’s easy for them to point fingers at you but they are not in your shoes.

So don’t be disheartened by what you heard or how they treat you. Trust me a day will come when they will ask for your reference.

You have to be your saviour and get yourself out of ruts.

You are tired so take a break but don’t break up with what you have been building for so many years.

It’s okay to be scared and perfectly fine to pour your heart in front of a mirror or just share it with your pillow. You are human and you allowed to feel weak.

But don’t allow anyone to treat you wrong. Don’t give anyone key to your brain to mess it up.

Don’t allow them to be disrespectful towards your failure because you earned these failures. As deep down inside you know every single mistake took you to another level.

You are on a journey of spiritual succession and your physical reality will soon reciprocate.

Just keep pushing.

You are doing great.

Be proud of your past achievements.

This shall pass too.

You will be at the place you want to be.

Everything that you have sowed shall bloom.

Keep watering it.





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