June, 2020

Opening the blinds.

Human life is a result of memories in the form of thoughts that are recycled in the mind over and over again.

No one is in the room yet I am never alone. No one said a single word but the noise is deafening so who is speaking not my conscious but my thoughts one leading to another. Telling me what happened and what could have happened?

I don’t want to hear it but if my mind was human banging the door, I would have stepped out of the room but that’s not an option. It’s like a broken record driving me insane but I can’t even throw it away.

The mind is designed to think, to analyse and to command an individual’s body and behaviour to act and react in a certain way which further determines his/her course of life. This is the only job it has and you cannot stop it. And if you just think about it the mind is only a body organ doing what is supposed to be done at physical and mental levels but the problem begins when thoughts steps in.

Thoughts turn this body organ into a mismanaged organization. And now it’s not a just a body organ it’s is a tool you are you are using against you instead of using for you.

So, what options do you have well, if you could just monitor and silence the thought process you can turn things around. But how?

Opening The Blinds.

Poetry Lenses

“Friends are for better and worse not for better or worse.”


Her Self

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  • Limit your social circle:

Before you freak out please understand everyone needs people as friends not friends as people in their lives. As friends are for better and for worse not for better or worse.

So how many friends you have and how many people you have in your life?

The point is more people you have more memories you have to deal with. If you have a huge social circle you will probably be surrounded with people all the time this will take away time from your friends that genuinely care about you.

Most importantly it will occupy too much space in your brain that now there is no room for yourself and for the things that really need your attention. As now you are too busy wondering about, he said, she did, I lost and what would they say?

Monitor your real-life and your screen life circle because this determines where your attention and time is going and how much growth is happening?

So, expand your circumference according to the requirement of mental growth and health. Add quality to life, not quantity because quantity is just a distraction. And the demand for quality applies to all areas of your life right from hobbies to materialistic things including major decisions of your life.


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  • Cut the opinion:

The opinion is the only child of thought which it nourishes to be reasonable and it’s important to survive in this crazy world but not all the times.

Since the mind has the tendency to analyze you now have an opinion about everything which includes life, people, philosophies, history, politics, spirituality, career, food, neighbours, friends, acquaintances, strangers, T.V shows, celebrities, relationships, outfits, haircuts, nails, shoes, wrinkles, dimples, pimples and list goes on.

Did it ever occur to you that how many numbers of memories your brain has and how much time and energy plus emotions it takes to keep up with them only to result in confusion, exertion and depression?

Being human we have a strange obsession of assigning right and wrong to everything and sometimes it’s about things we have nothing to do with. I mean when people talk about somebody’s makeup and break up at a great length I get confused because there is already a lot going on in my life why should I add more anxiety in my life by wondering why such and such person is not married or failed at something especially when I don’t even know them in person?

What’s the point?

There is no easy way to say this but the truth is too many opinions and opinion about everything results in a scattered brain which doesn’t allow clear thinking. There is another post on decluttering the mind you can check.

How wonderful it would be if we were distant observers. See if you don’t want to be judged you have to stop judging others.

To have an opinion about politics, history and philosophy is a sign of progressive behaviour and it’s not optional there are things one has to speak up for. But having a judging attitude about everything on this planet is an obsession with an opinion which will ultimately ruin your mind’s capability to respond. And if you have an opinion about a particular subject practice it by bringing it into action.

I know we can’t go blind but everything doesn’t need our reaction. Things were fine when we were here and they will be fine when we won’t be around. I know sounds scary but the truth is opinion comes from attachment and it further leads to emotions with high frequencies having a positive or negative effect on our mental health so what has to be done has to be done. Sometimes we have to be a teacher commanding ourselves with authority to pull back our opinions for the peace of our mind. And don’t we have enough attachments to worry about why ask for more?

If you want to stop the chattering mind you have to silence your thoughts for which you have to limit your social circle and become a distant observer by cutting the opinion.


Nisha Thakur 

"Life is a bumpy ride with few casualties that leads me to write". Hi, I am Nisha I am a poet, playwright and a blogger. Mindfulness and spiritual awareness and growth are my favourite subjects. Would you like to join the journey from madness to mindfulness with me?

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