Sometimes I wish I could erase the current reality. I wish there was a space to escape where I could live the way I want, do what I like and behave the way I really am. But life is not something written with a pencil that can be erased in no time.

You know these days everyone is trying to work on their immunity by doing yoga and eating healthy and also doing meditation trying to fight Covid19 including me. Before this only bunch of people were doing these activities and rest were busy taking their bodies for granted but now everyone is aiming high. Doctors, scientist and every single person is hopeful for they can deal with this disease. It’s so interesting that we humans think that the change in lifestyle, shut down restrictions and having a vaccine can defeat this virus and sure it will. But how amazing is this that we are not ready to believe that the same lifestyle changes and few creative and disciplined actions can change the entire course of our lives as well and we can actually, have the life we always dreamed of.

You see you cannot rewrite what has come into existence whether it’s a heartbreak, failure or sickness but what is coming up can be monitored and can be created exactly the way you want it. What do you think?

Well, I think first you must shut down overthinking department running in your head and then the game is on. You can 100% change your circumstances and reinvent yourself and your life. I have tried this I am still working on it but I can tell you 30 to 40% of reinvention has been already done in my life.

Well, the first step I took is to stop my mind from analysis paralysisYou have to stop overthinking and killing your vibe. I do it when I am scared of starting over.

For instance, you want to start a YouTube channel and you are like oh my, God who is going to watch it, I don’t have the proper equipment. What would they say? I can’t come in front of the camera there is no proper lighting. There are few ways to stop thinking what would they say you can check my other blog.

Stop it, block it. Block the very first thought of fear and negativity and go do something else to distract your mind so that negativity doesn’t get a chance to spread itself in your brain. Come back after an hour and just record the first video and release it even if it is weird. Remember you didn’t learn to make assignments at the very first attempt.

It took me a while to become a blogger. I deleted my blogs several times before publishing them and today I am here. You have to keep doing things you like and fear at the same time. Listen or read people who have made in your field to make a decision and keep listening until your brain is convinced to hustle and hustle hard.

Second, decide what you want to reinvent in your life a relationship, talent, your attitude, your lifestyle, income or business and go after it even if you have to work like hell. Here is the catch make up your mind, think thoroughly and clear the fog in your brain. Choose one way only one way. Don’t go two ways when you are double mind there is a high possibility to fail and this is going to backfire. Choose one field, aim, or habit at a time and follow it. Treat your mind like a child the moment it tries to distract you drag it back and finish what you started.


Break your habits of feeling I am not good enough, I don’t deserve it, she/he is better than me or feeling lazy, not making those essential calls. Pull yourself together and if needed force yourself to complete the task. Do some affirmations, listen to encouraging people, go mindful, transform your lifestyle, stop listening to visionless people, make ambitiously wise friends. Do not browse internet mindlessly find good mentors for yourself on this platform.

Girl, give it a shot and see what you are made of. Want to be a model post few pictures on Instagram. Want to be a speaker start a podcast. This is a world of information use the Internet wisely. Things have changed now you don’t have to go to these big industries they will come to you. I am not devaluing these industries but if they reject you their loss. You have a spark and you will make it and these big companies will come crawling to you but by that time you would have already accomplished yourself. So, stop waiting for the right time and just do it.

You have to understand that reinvention won’t happen in a day it’s going to be a continues practice where you will fail many times only to win. Don’t give up after practising a couple of days. Push yourself even if you are pissed when things are not getting anywhere. A woman going through labour doesn’t give up in the middle the pain but bears it until life inside her comes out to breathe. Yes, this aim of yours is your baby and you have to push to give it life.


Next, Act on what you decided. Don’t pay attention to small-minded people, or the ones who make fun of you because mark my words one day their kids will follow you on Instagram. Believe me, it will get ugly they will bully you for being you especially during social gatherings but trust me when you finish and your actions are speaking out loud they will be shut and you will be admired and loved by the same people but remember a diva neither get bothered by criticism nor does she lose her balance with appreciation. 

Hence to reinvent your life stop overthinking no matter what. Second, decide what you want to reinvent. Third break your habits that have been stopping you for so long. Fourth keep pushing, pursuing no matter whatever it takes. And finally, act on your decision with or without anyone.

Print – Poetry by Lord Byron

Print – Poetry by Lord Byron

This is a downloadable print art, once purchased, you will get a link to a high resolution image that you can print for your walls. Note - This is not a physical product, no print or frames provided.



“She couldn’t untie the strings
so she started swinging on them.”
Awaits is a short, intriguing, mysterious romantic drama. It’s a small collection of one act three plays and as a bonus with each play comes one poem to intensify the effect of the romance.
1. Sanity-                    … they keep saying only to give you fake hope. I wish i never believed them… what if they have killed him too…
                                                 …no…no he promised…he will come back. What if history once again repeats itself…
2. You are awake-     Every year Amanda celebrates her marriage as a festival but this year shadows from past are avenging her for something.                                        Will love conquer all?
3. Inside You-            It happened once.
                                  Once it did
                                  and as it did
                                                  …Anne only if you stop calculating my presence and absence you will realize I am looking at you through his eyes…
Her Self

Her Self

Her ‘Self’ opening the blinds by Nisha Thakur is a collection of poetry. It is about a female spirit that raises her voice to say no. Poems focus on a phase in a woman’s life where she stops waiting for someone to save her but becomes her own saviour.

It’s about her choice to express her suppressed self. Her ‘self’ brings in light the transition of a girl going through brutal judgments, heartbreak, pain, mental abuse, loss, and identity crisis to a confident woman who knows to take control and also knows to control herself.