It’s OK to feel weak, to fear and cry out loud. It’s OK to fail couple of times and fall back and procrastinate. It’s just fine to take a nap when your wings are exhausted.

It’s ok to ignore those calls of your brain driving you insane. It’s fine to watch YouTube to ease the burden of what next. 

No you are not guilty of killing time or wasting the treasure of opportunities. You know why?

Because you worked and you worked hard. Yes, you failed but you tried. 

Dear you, don’t be disheartened and think about how you started this with one step with nothing in your hands, you took first step when you were not aware about where is this going to take you and now turn back and count how many steps far have you come. 

You started this journey all by yourself with little knowledge and now you know how, what and when of your project, company, art or whatever the thing you are trying to build . Maybe timing is not in your favor or maybe strategy is not working well but there was a time when you didn’t even know how to make a strategy and now you know how to fix your strategies. Before fever of failure takes over you count your steps and see how far you have reached maybe there are more mountains to scale but you already scaled few. 

It’s fine to feel weak and take a nap but after that you are the same person you chose to trust and if you can trust yourself at that time you can bet on yourself again. The game is still on and so are you. If you are done taking a nap get back to the game, field is waiting for you.