June, 2020

Opening the blinds.

I wish I could think less, declutter my mind and focus on what I want not on what I don’t want. Then at least it would be less painful and a little easy to figure out my way in this mist of chaos. I will be able to think clearly and finally, there will be room for new lessons and new prospects in my life.

My mind is full of views and dues of things happening inside and outside me. It is crazy to understand how one thought leads to others. I start my day in silence but mind starts with what to make for breakfast to what I will cook after quarantine. Where I will go, what I will wear and then from there to the person I saw two months ago whom I don’t even know but for some weird reason, I can still recall him/her. The mind can learn things to a great extent and then remind them when least required.

This is a chaotic mind which at times is emotional with its high or low frequencies according to good and bad experiences of life carrying an aim. And at times it wonders uselessly and aimlessly because it is not trained to pause so it runs for no reason.

But the mind can be trained to think clearly. It can be decluttered and given a target.

Opening The Blinds.

Poetry Lenses

“Watch your thoughts for they are watching you and what they are watching reality is imitating it.”


Her Self

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Yes, I tried it and it worked but again it’s a daily practice. I fail at least twice and sometimes thrice a week and yes I am doing it on a day to day basis.

Let me tell you when I succeed I not only feel light but there is a sense of relief and accomplishment because by the end of the day I have finished so much that normally I am not able to with the cluttered mind.

Clarity makes me confident and progressive plus I am one step ahead in my project.

I had a moment of emotional breakdown as I was tired and frustrated carrying the burden of emotions and memories so much so that I couldn’t handle the pressure. This was the moment I decided to get rid of my thoughts and after a little research I came up with few steps to cure this mental chaos.

Today I am presenting it to you to declutter your brain. You can adjust and use them according to your requirement and see how it works. Also, let me know if you have devised your ways.

  • Set your priorities:

You must have some target in life but most importantly for every day. If you want to reach somewhere in your life you have to set priorities for every single hour. You should know what do you want to finish by the end of the day or the day will pass by and you will end up wondering things that don’t matter in the present moment.

 Keep it short and specific. This clarity of what to do will tell you what not to do so congratulations you cleared a little mess in your head.

 Setting priorities will stop unnecessary thinking and will help you to clear the confusion and will also get you out of the indecisive zone.

 For instance, I have a target to publish a blog every Monday so on Friday and Saturday I do my research and make notes and on Sunday I write and edit it. Next, on Monday morning I publish the blog.

 In addition to this, I avoid keeping too many things scheduled for a day and I prefer one thing at a time sticking to my priorities without letting myself distracted. Which brings me to my next point.


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  • Be aware of distractions:

 Unmonitored thoughts are nothing but distractions. It all starts with the first thought. If you stop it right there your priorities are safe or there will be a chain of thoughts that you will not be able to break.

 Identify the thought, the moment, the thing, the person, timing that triggers the distraction.

 Or it will lead to wastage of time and guilt of not finishing what you started. But don’t start sinking into the guilt.

 You can be productive again just cut the connection with the thought. Go through the list of the things you were supposed to do and just start doing it even if your brain is wondering.

 Concentration will gain momentum just keep pushing and try to block the thought and how to do that is coming up in the next point.


  • Control the flow of information:

 You have to mark your boundaries. That is my next step after setting my priorities. As a human, we are surrounded by several sources of information which includes people we like or dislike, Television, phones, internet especially social media and to be more specific visual platforms.

 Information can be knowledge or a distraction depending on how we use it. It’s not necessary that what you heard or you learnt is a complete truth. Mostly pieces of information that we are receiving are somebody else experiences and opinions that we accept as these are guarded with logic but whose logic?

 You have to learn to filter the information with your own experience. It’s important to understand that information blended with experience is called knowledge rest is only an opinion as you are not aware of its roots.

 So, control the flow of information this will give you full control over your life. Identify your field and research according to the requirement. Do not bombard your mind with everything coming on your devices this will result in a huge clutter that will take years to clean. It will also turn you into a person with too much information but very little knowledge.

 This will distract you from your target. So every time someone calls you during working hours tell them politely you will catch them after an hour.

Research the authenticity of the information coming to you before you respond to your social media calls.

Mark the boundaries so that things cannot pile up in your life making it difficult to process blocking your clarity and your steps towards the future you are aiming for.

 The mind is the most intelligently capable device in the world but only if we could set our priorities right, keep a careful watch on our distractions and control the information supplied to our brain we can use it for us and not against us.




Nisha Thakur 

"Life is a bumpy ride with few casualties that leads me to write". Hi, I am Nisha I am a poet, playwright and a blogger. Mindfulness and spiritual awareness and growth are my favourite subjects. Would you like to join the journey from madness to mindfulness with me?

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