Do you know you can enter someone’s brain and live there for a long time?  Do you know you can live their life, enjoy their happiness, feel their sadness and inhale their fears? All you have to do is shut down your brain absolutely and listen and pay attention to their thoughts, beliefs and fears and accept and follow every pattern of their emotions without any resistance. But certainly, it’s not easy because you have to suppress your voice and kill your analysing skills and let your experience die of neglect. You have to bound yourself to their evaluations and act according to their mindsets and finally, you are living their life not yours. You are no more you but you are a mere reflection of the brain you are acting according to.

This is how you reached so far and now you are quitting that one thing that means the world to you. This is the answer to what is my fault? How did I get here? You are quitting not because you are scared but because they are. You are not wrong but they are monitoring everything you think, believe and act and you are letting them. You are providing them way too much importance at the cost of your experiences and knowledge. You forgot the difference between guiding and monitoring. Your smile should be a result of your feelings, not of someone else. Your failure and success should be your hard work, not somebody’s mindset. You should be a reflection of your values instead of an imitation of somebody’s art of appropriation. Be in love because you are feeling it not because they are directing you.

But the good news is that you have been pushed to an extent that now finally human inside you is resisting. And you are experiencing a shift realising your brain is not dead it’s under control. Wake up you are human act like one. There is a reason we all are given separate brains if one person was supposed to decide for all only one out four would be given brain. How many years you need more to understand you are separate being and you have to write your own story of fears and failures.  

It’s time to step out of their minds and break this pattern of identity crisis and start your journey

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Her Self

Opening the blinds.

Her ‘Self’ is a collection of poetry about the female spirit that raises her voice to say no. It’s about when a woman stops waiting for someone to save her but becomes her own saviour. It’s about her choice to express her suppressed self. Her ‘self’ throws light on the transition of a girl going through brutal judgments, pain, mental abuse, loss and identity crisis to a confident woman who knows to take control and also knows to control herself.

Silence your thoughts. Mindfulness talk.

Silence your thoughts. Mindfulness talk.

22June, 2020Opening the blinds.Human life is a result of memories in the form of thoughts that are recycled in the mind over and over again. No one is in the room yet I am never alone. No one said a single word but the noise is deafening so who is speaking not my...

2020 it is time to move on from stress.

Just when after cleaning my whole home I was trying to feel that now my family is safe I slipped from my stairs and hurt myself badly and my head was spinning. It was during this moment of a state of half-consciousness  I felt I may not die of the virus but may be of...