August, 2020

Opening the blinds.

You fail and you continue to fail terribly. Pressure keeps increasing. It all starts with a normal headache to a mental breakdown and keeps getting worse but WHY?

Why? What have you done to deserve this? You are trying your level best to make things work but everything is frozen.


Because you are trying hard and doing your level best to do something which you think sounds right. It sounds good, it’s practical, this is what you are supposed to do, this is the right age, this is the time to make money, a relationship, it’s time for a baby. You think you are behind and you didn’t sign up for this.

And you will continue to fail believing you are doing right missing a major point here which is you don’t believe but you were made to believe that this is right.

You keep saying yes to every job that appears practical, to everything that looks usual or should I say safe, to every person who sounds realistic. You ignore all ideas you wanted to pursue because someone is scrutinizing you.

You keep killing your feelings at the cost of your mental health because your friends have kids and you don’t even have a stable job. You know what you keep working overtime and give your project all you have but don’t ask for a raise. Stick to the job you hate and don’t submit a resume to the organization you always wanted to work with because you don’t think you have it.

Yes, you keep doing this and you will fail until all the doors are shut until you have been turned down by everyone until you have tried it all until you have no option but to follow your soul.

You can indeed run from yourself but you cannot escape. Like it or leave it if you are good at something if you have a spark no matter whatever you do, how much safe you try to play your calling will drag you back to do what you are meant to do.

It’s going to get into your head and it will create all sort of mental blocks so that you turn around and acknowledge it. It will not let you learn, practice or concentrate on anything else.

Give your best to your safety plans but they will not work. Your calling or art or dream name it anything it will make sure that you fail at everything. It will steal all your backup plans will drive you insane until you put your foot down and sing the song you were dying to sing. You write the book you wanted to or apply for the company you are dreaming about since you were in college.

It’s not about your age, gender, circumstances, family and society. It’s not about how much money you have, where you come from, someone supports you or not. It’s not about pain, criticism or right or wrong but it’s only and only about what you are meant to be. It’s about the mental peace you are yearning for.

The truth is you didn’t choose the art but the art chose you and it will make sure that it is served and once it is the cycle of failure will start to slow down and mental blocks will start melting leading to new ideas. And now that you are doing what you are meant to do it happens effortlessly with no resistance or fear and opportunities finally starts to appear.

So, relax and enjoy the ride. Explore what else you have got and be what you were meant to be.

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