August, 2020

Opening the blinds.

You have it all.



intelligence and


You have a soul,

a goal,

a reason, a vision, a belief.

You are true to yourself.

You have respect and self-worth that you practice day and night.

Night and day, you practice and practice what your heart says.

You don’t care whether they believe in you or not because you believe in yourself.

You are the one who decides.

You are the one who pushes.

You are the one who accepts the challenge.

You are the one who falls and rises again and again even when impossible is the pain.

You have arrows stabbed in your back.

You are betrayed,


and denied the right to be human.

But you don’t give up because you have it.

You have it all.

A free soul,

a heart of gold and a mind that knows no limits.

You can be caged but the will is something that cannot be chained.

You will come back and lead.

Because you are hurt but you are not weak.

You are silent but you are not passive.

You have lost but you are not a loser.

You fail but you don’t quit.

You are nice but not easy.

You don’t hate but you confront.

You do adjustments but you don’t do compromises.

You listen but following is optional.

You don’t chase people.

You don’t discount yourself.

You have no one but you have you.

You have your back.

You are a warrior, not a slave.

Maybe you can be harmed but cannot be defeated.

You are your defence system.

You are your shield and your sword.

You are your hope.

You are your light.

You are the one who is going to do it all.

You are your employee and you are your boss.

You have it all so where is your loss?

No one can be you.

No one can steal you.

No one can copy you.

So get your life back NOW.

And don’t expect or wait for someone to tell you, suggest you, help you to get out of the ruts.

You do it on your own because they no nothing about your soul. They think you have lost it. Don’t chase them to understand you as you understand yourself. You don’t need them to trust you. Your trust in yourself is more than enough.

So go after your dreams because you have it all.

Yes, 101% you have it all.


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